Swimming Pool Lighting

Beautify your backyard with swimming pool lights

The lighting of a swimming pool, and its surrounding area, can transform a daytime recreation area into one that can be enjoyed late into the evening. The choice of lighting can also add to the feel of your yard and pool area. For example, many low-wattage lights give a different ambiance than one strong light, even though the total wattage may be the same. Colored pool lights can also change the mood.

Traditionally, pool lights were mounted underwater, but floating pool lights have become very affordable and popular lately. Versatile floating lights can be separate, tethered into groups or anchored at the pool's sides. They often run on rechargeable batteries. Floating lights are easy to maintain and can be removed from the pool when not in use. Above-water deck lighting should also be planned as part of the total light design for a swimming pool area.

Standard Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights for inground pools are mounted in wall niches, usually when the pool is built. They use incandescent or quartz halogen pool light bulbs and add plain white light to the water from under the surface. Such lights are known for developing leaks over time, requiring costly repair or replacement. Modern pool lights are much better made and sealed than older models, but they still need to be replaced eventually.

Above ground pools can have underwater pool lights, too, by means of pre-installed bracket lights that simply hang over the side of the pool.

LED Pool Lights

One of the most revolutionary changes to swimming pool lighting is the application of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that convert electrical energy directly to light using semiconductors. Adding a microprocessor makes it possible to control the color and intensity of the light, as well as add special effects. LEDs use little electricity and emit little heat. While initially cost prohibitive, they are becoming more reasonably priced.

Solar Pool Lights

Solar power is free, and pools are usually open to the sun, so solar pool lights are definitely a winning combination! These lights come in several shapes and various colors. LED lights can be powered by the sun.

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

Fiber optics allows you to deliver light to the pool without running electricity near it. Fiber optic cables can be easily added to existing pools and may be combined with a color-changing light source to add a bright, party-like atmosphere to the pool.

Transform any pool into a round-the clock entertainment area with a complete swimming pool lighting plan.

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