Hot Tubs And Spas

Enjoy the luxury of a hot tub or spa

Thanks to technological improvements and an increasingly competitive marketplace, hot tubs and spas have become more and more viable for the average homeowner. An incredible range of products is available, from standard dual-jet self-cleaning hot tubs to luxurious and spacious swim spas.

If you're wondering about hot tubs and trying to navigate the competing claims of the different spa manufacturers, you first need to find a balance between your budget and the features you want. Your intended usage of the spa will help you narrow things down, too; there's no reason to pony up thousands of dollars for a 10-seat hot tub if you rarely entertain.

Common Features of Quality Hot Tubs

Most hot tub manufacturers produce a significant range of products, with entry-level models offering basic features and higher-end hot tubs and spas adding premium luxuries to the mix. At minimum, you should expect even the most basic hot tub to offer multiple jet styles, programming capabilities, self-cleaning filtration and ergonomic seating.

Luxury features include multiple air controls and massage selectors, which offer precision control over the jet pressure, as well as hydromassage capabilities, support moldings and seating for up to 12 people or more. In addition, most hot tub manufacturers allow consumers to customize their spas to add additional features or fine-tune standard ones according to their preferences.

Choose the Right Spa

Before you shop, you should have a specific idea of the type of spa you're looking for – otherwise, you could find yourself overwhelmed by the options available to you. To help you navigate the competing claims of various manufacturers, you should shop with these guidelines in mind:

  • Be realistic about the capacity you'll need, as pricing is closely tied to the size of the hot tub, with larger spas commanding higher prices. If you'll only be entertaining guests occasionally, purchase a spa with a moderate capacity.
  • Keep in mind that every spa is designed differently; you might feel perfectly comfortable in one but find another too cramped. The only way to know for sure is to get in and sit down.
  • Look for a variety of jet types; this will give you better control over your hot tub's hydromassage capabilities.
  • If you're going to use the hot tub to entertain guests, keep in mind that many units come with built-in entertainment capabilities, including iPod docking stations, mp3 player compatibility, USB ports and subwoofers.
  • Consider size and weight closely, especially if you're planning to install the unit on a hot tub deck in your yard. As a general rule, you should limit the height of the spa to 30 inches or less if you have limited space.
  • Go with a manufacturer with a proven track record. This will make it easier for you to get service if you ever need it, and trusted manufacturers generally offer more complete and reliable warranty protection.
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