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This site was designed to help consumers like you make informed decisions about hot tubs, swimming pools and home saunas. We've also assembled comprehensive information about hot tub and swimming pool safety and the equipment and accessories you'll need to help you enjoy your investment to the max.


If you've decided to take the plunge and put in a pool, but you want to avoid the expense and hassle of digging one into your yard, above ground pools may be the answer for you.

Above Ground Pools

Pool Maintenance

Proper pool cleaning involves a lot more than adding chlorine to the water. Find out everything you need to know about water treatment, pH balances and much more.

Pool Cleaning

Pool Accessories

Inflatable pool toys add to the fun for kids of all ages. If you're seeking new ideas for water games and floating toys, introduce yourself to know the next generation of pool toys.

Pool Toys

Hot Tubs And Spas

Thanks to new technologies, hot tub manufacturers offer a broader and more flexible range of products than ever before. Learn all about indoor, outdoor and portable hot tubs.

Hot Tubs

Pool Accessories

Add some spring to your poolside area by installing a diving board. Diving boards are relatively cheap and easy to install and they really expand the functionality of a pool.

Diving Boards
Kids and adults alike need to know and follow proper pool safety rules. Learn how to prevent accidents.Pool Safety
If you're investing in an inground pool, protect yourself by choosing the right pool type and contractor.Inground Pools
A pool cover does more than keep debris from falling in the water – they help you enhance pool safety.Pool Covers
From enclosures and covers to pumps and filters, find out more about all the accessories you can use to enhance your home whirlpool experience.Hot Tub Parts
The competing claims made by the various pool pump manufacturers can be tough to navigate. Our tips will help you become an educated, more confident and more intelligent consumer.Pool Pumps
Home saunas use a range of innovative technologies to produce the therapeutic heat and steam they're world-famous for. Find the right sauna for you by exploring the possibilities. Saunas

Rinse off the post-swim saltwater or chlorine with a steamy outdoor shower! It may sound a little strange, but bathing in the great outdoors is possible and probably pretty fun.

Soak It UpWhirlpools and spas bring the benefits of hydrotherapy right into your own home. Get to know what's on the market.Spas
Keep ControlA variety of techniques are used to keep pool water nice and warm. Find out which works best for your pool type.Pool Heaters