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Now that your pool is open for the summer, it's time to pick up some swimming pool accessories to add to everyone's safety and enjoyment. Pool retailers carry a wide range of specialty products, ranging from items created solely to contribute to the cleanliness of the water to purely cosmetic and entertaining products.

Pool Accessories for Enhanced Safety

Floating or mounted swimming pool lights do a great deal to increase safety if people use your swimming pool at night. In fact, you can purchase solar-powered pool lights that collect energy when the sun beats down during the day, so you won't add a penny to your energy costs.

Even aquatic veterans can benefit from the added protection of swimming fins and swimming goggles; these accessories facilitate more powerful swim strokes and keep harmful chlorine from getting into your eyes.

To help you nip problems in the bud, you can also purchase leak detectors and water purification enhancers that extend the life of your filtration systems and alert you immediately if a problem is found. Catching a problem early ensures the water will not become unsafe and can save you hundreds of dollars in costly repairs.

Just for the Fun of It…

Of course, many pool accessories are made simply to add to the sheer fun of swimming and lounging outdoors during the summer. Pool chairs and tables are extremely popular, as they provide a shady respite from the relentless sunshine while keeping you right in the thick of the action.

If you like to read or just lay around while you're in the water, a floating pool lounger is a must. These inflatable swimming pool accessories act as buoyant couches, giving you a comfortable place to while away your afternoon in the water with a good book.

Kids love pool slides, and they're easy to install, relatively inexpensive and deliver excellent value. All you need to do is ensure the assembled slide is firmly attached to the concrete poolside patio, and it's ready for use. You can even get pool slides that have hose attachments so you can add a trickling flow of running water to the slide, keeping it lubricated and making it easier to descend.

If you need more ideas, pay a visit to your local pool retailer – there are pool accessories for every swimmer and every type of pool.

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