Pool Decks

"Deck out" your poolside area

A pool without a deck is like a sundae without topping: It works fine for cooling off, but it's not very attractive. A swimming pool deck makes a pool part of your yard décor, and makes your yard part of your lifestyle. It not only provides space for safe and comfortable lounging and activities, but it will tie the pool into the living space of your home. Inground pools almost always have decking of some kind, but above ground pool decks must usually be added.

Qualities of a Good Pool Deck Design

A good pool deck is more than just a flat surface that surrounds the pool. To get a deck that truly fits your needs, ask these questions:

  • How much sun does the pool area receive? Decking materials that absorb heat will soon make walking or sitting on the deck painful if it gets a lot of direct sun.
  • What will be the view from the deck?
  • Does the placement of the lounge area ensure at least a little privacy?
  • Is the pool used mostly by kids or adults?
  • Will the area be used for entertaining or even casual outdoor dining?
  • Does the deck design account for any slope of the surrounding land?
  • Where are the utilities located, and what are the local building codes?
  • Using these answers, you or a professional can draw up personalized pool deck plans.

Materials for Swimming Pool Decks

Decks can be made from many materials. It is important for the surface to be nonslip but also nonabrasive. The material should weather well, have UV protection and require little maintenance. And, of course, it should be attractive to look at.

Above ground pool decks are usually made of wood or composite materials. There may be just a small deck added at the pool ladder entrance, a narrow surround with a railing or fence, or a full deck for lounging.

Inground pool decks have even more options. They can be hardscaped with concrete, exposed aggregate, tiles or pavers. Concrete can be painted for UV protection and color, and tile or pavers can be used to create interesting patterns or designs.

Pool Deck Installation – Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself?

Decks need good support beneath them, yet they are still a fairly easy project for do-it-yourselfers. Many companies offer everything from basic pool deck plans, to plans with bills of materials and cutting directions, to full pool deck kits, which also provide the hardware. Some people will prefer to help a professional design their deck and then leave the work up to someone with the appropriate skills. Whichever option you choose, a deck will enhance the look and use of your pool for years to come.

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