Diving Boards

Make a splash with a new diving board

Backyard swimming pools are great additions to your home, but why stop at just a simple pool? Have some fun with your setup and consider installing a diving board, turning any regular swimming pool into a diving pool, as well. Swimming pool diving boards are a relatively inexpensive way to add some dimension to your pool and increase its use and function.

Diving boards range in price from about $1,500 to $2,200 and are fairly easy to install. Keep in mind, though, that most diving boards require a pool depth of at least 8.5 feet and minimum dimensions of 15 feet by 28 feet to ensure divers don't injure themselves. Check your local building codes for regional specifications.


The most common type of diving boards for home pools are springboards, which are exactly what their name implies: boards that are springy. Springboards are most commonly installed at a height of either 1 or 3 meters above the pool; installing one higher is considered unsafe.

Unlike their all-wooden predecessors, modern springboards are made of a single piece of aluminum or wood covered by fiberglass. This material allows for great bounce but is also quite durable. The board is also coated with a textured, nonskid surface to ensure diver safety.

Diving Platforms

Unlike a diving board, a platform is rigid and stationary. It is also positioned much higher than a diving board (5 to 10 meters above the water). Because of the height and structural complexity, diving platforms are rarely installed in backyard pools.

Diving Board Safety

A bouncy piece of aluminum or wood over a deep pool of water is an obvious safety hazard, particularly for young children. Be very observant and discourage children from playing on or near the board. Divers should also be very careful to use the board exactly and only as specified. Don't dive into shallow water or try any dangerous jumps, and always make sure the area below and around the board is clear of swimmers, pool toys and other potential hazards.

Before you install a diving board, it's important to check with your homeowners' insurance company to see if you're covered for any accidents that may occur. Some companies have stopped insuring diving boards because of high-publicity accidents in recent decades.

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