Pool Slides

Slide into your pool in style

There's no doubt that backyard pools are great, but what would make them even more fun? Swimming pool slides! Not only can slides be fun, they can also be attractive additions to your pool area. For example, swimming pool rock slides mix the fun of a pool slide with the function of yard decor; the smooth slide sits on simulated rocks, making it look like the slide comes straight out of nature. You can also add lighting and architectural elements to your slide, integrating it fully into your pool or backyard theme.

Inground Pool Slides

There are myriad options for slides connecting to an inground pool. Do you want something twisty or something straight? Something tall or something short? Would you prefer an open top or a completely enclosed slide? Should riders slide straight into the pool, or do you want the slide to stop about a foot above the water for an extra splash? Every option has a different price point, so it might be helpful to figure out a budget before you dive into researching all the potential options.

Inflatable Pool Slides

If you want the fun of a slide but can do without the commitment of a permanent structure, consider an inflatable slide. Some models actually float entirely on the pool's surface, while others stand on land and hang over the edge of the pool. Inflatable slides are much cheaper and debatably safer than metal or plastic slides. Inflatables make great above ground pool slides, too, as they can float on the water, allowing kids to remain in the pool and eliminating the hassle and potential danger of climbing around it.

Something to consider is that inflatable slides are usually not fastened in place, meaning the slide could move during use and might be a hazard for younger users. Have an adult hold the bottom of the slide to keep it stable for them. Another drawback is that anything inflatable can spring a leak, which can be costly (and just plain annoying) to fix.

Water Slides

To add even more fun to a pool slide, make it a water slide! Connect a hose to your pool pump or outdoor tap and let a constant flow of water run down the slide. This makes for a smoother, faster ride, which in turn makes for more fun!

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