Pool Pumps

Everything you need to know about pool pumps

A swimming pool may seem to be just a large artificial body of water, but that water has to be kept clean and constantly maintained at certain levels. This all takes place with the help of a plumbing system of pipes and valves which connects the water supply with the filters, chemical treatment system and pool heaters. The water must be circulated through all these components with a swimming pool pump; without a pump, the whole system fails.

The size of a pool pump's motor should be fixed to both the size of the pool and the diameter of the pipes. Thus, you should never automatically assume that a pump's motor is sized correctly for use in your pool; instead, always take accurate measurements.

Also, newer pumps are more efficient. If you're replacing a pump or its motor, remember that too strong a pump can put undue pressure on the pipes, while too weak a pump will not keep the pool clean.

Specialty Pool Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps offer an alternative to heating the water with gas pool heaters. They work just like a refrigerator, in that they simply move heat from one place to another. They take heat from the air and move it into the water. The temperature will be moderated slowly, but they cost very little to operate.

Spa pumps and hot tub pumps need to be more powerful, as they move the water for the massage jets. The rule of thumb is 1 horsepower for every four to six jets in a spa. Some companies build combination pumps, which merge the functions needed for both spa and pool maintenance.

Trusted Swimming Pool Pump Brands

Hayward pool pumps are considered top of the line. They are energy-efficient, cool-running and quiet. Polaris pool pumps give booster pressure to their pool cleaning systems. The Triton line of Purex pool pumps is available in sizes suitable for both home and commercial installations. Similarly, Pentair pool pumps come in a variety of sizes. Most companies offer pumps for pools and spas separately, or as combination installations.

Without a good pump, a swimming pool can become a dirty, unhealthy liability. It only makes sense to protect the large investment made in a pool with a quality pump to keep the system clean.

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