Pool Vacuums

Advice about shopping for pool vacuums

Swimming pools need to be vacuumed regularly in order to keep them clean. This must be done in addition to the regular use of a filter and chemicals, as well as brushing and disinfecting the pool walls. Generally, pools should be vacuumed about once a week. This can be done manually, or with the aid of an automatic pool vacuum cleaner.

Manual Swimming Pool Vacuums

Vacuuming a swimming pool by hand is an inexpensive way to tackle your pool cleaning needs; to make a hand vacuum work, attach it to the swimming pool filter pump. You may need to adjust the port on the pump. If there is a lot of debris, the vacuuming should be emptied directly into a waste receptacle, rather than sending it through the filter.

Air collected in the hose will damage the pump, so be make the hose is filled with water at all times. If the pump sounds odd, wait a couple minutes for small air pockets to work their way out.

The surface of the pool is cleaned by attaching the vacuum hose to a skimmer basket and, with a pole, running the basket over the water surface. Then, a vacuum head is attached in place of the skimmer and the bottom of the pool is vacuumed.

Heads for swimming pool vacuum cleaners come in a variety of styles and price ranges. The most economical pool vacuum heads are flattened surfaces with brushes attached. Better heads are more flexible, allowing them to conform to curved surfaces on the bottom of the pool. The best heads include suction chambers to equalize the vacuum pressure across their widths.

Vinyl pool vacuums require special heads. They have brushes that will not harm the vinyl and a contoured shape that adapts to the non-rigid nature of a vinyl pool.

Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuums

Despite a higher price tag, many people prefer the convenience of an automatic pool vacuum. These are units which contain their own filters. When connected to a power source, they propel themselves across the bottom of a pool, either by pressure or suction. Most can be programmed to cover either the high-traffic area, or in a random pattern to cover most areas of the pool. Generally, automatic pool vacuums will not clean corners, steps or behind ladders, requiring that pool owners keep and occasionally use their manual vacuum cleaner.

One should carefully research swimming pool vacuum options. There are large differences in price and quality.

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