What you need to know about spas and spa products

Home spas enhance the value of your house while giving you a therapeutic place to relax and entertain guests. You can choose from a wide range of spa products for your home, including everything from whirlpools to swim spas.

Give yourself an edge when shopping for a spa pool by learning a little about the different types of spa products. Narrowing your focus will save you time and money during your search.

An Introduction to Home Spas

Beyond standard hot tubs, which feature multiple jets to propel the water and create a whirlpool effect, there are other specialized spas that may appeal to you. These include:

  • Jacuzzi spas. Powered by patented technologies, Jacuzzi spas offer an incomparable experience. The Jacuzzi company was the first to introduce whirlpools to home bathrooms and continues to offer innovative premium products.
  • Portable spas. If you own a cottage or vacation home, portable spas offer you the ability to take your hot tub with you wherever you go. These products can be surprisingly voluminous; high-end portable spas hold more than 300 gallons of water and offer comfortable seating for six or more adults.
  • Swim spas. Should you wish to use your hot tub for exercise, you can get large-capacity swim spas. These hot tubs allow you to create a powerful current of water that you can swim against while remaining stationary.

Choosing the Right Spa Products

While budgetary and spatial considerations will be your primary concerns, you also need to give close consideration to the spa's intended purpose. Do you want to use it only during warm weather, or would you prefer to use it all year round? How often do you entertain guests? Which features and amenities do you prefer?

It's also crucial to think about where you're going to put the spa – many people like using them outdoors, but deck spas require specialized maintenance and protection. You'll need a model with far better protection from the elements than one intended for indoor use.

To help guide your thinking, visit a spa showroom (either in person or online) and spend some time looking at the various styles available. You'll soon find the comparison shopping process taking care of itself.

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