Pool Cleaning

Advice about cleaning pools

Home pool owners must commit to keeping a clean swimming pool. Failure to do so can result in costly equipment failures, infections and illnesses. Pool cleaning includes maintaining the proper chemical balance in the water, cleaning the tiles, removing large debris, and brushing and vacuuming the pool liner. You also need to choose whether to do the job yourself or hire a professional service to take care of part or all of your swimming pool cleaning tasks.

Clean Your Own Pool

Swimming pool cleaning is a big job. Nevertheless, many people choose to take it on themselves. Pools need to have a swimming pool skimmer to remove small- and medium-sized debris from the surface of the water, before it has a chance to reach the pool pumps and filters. Some skimmers are built into the sides of a pool, while floating skimmers can adapt to any water level.

However, a pool skimmer cannot do all the work. A net must be used to remove debris such as leaves. Generally speaking, wide-mouth nets work better than flat nets; however, removing leaves can be difficult if a lot of them have settled to the bottom. A better option is avoid putting the pool near trees in the first place; instead, arrange patio furniture under your trees and put your pool in open space in your yard. It will also get more sunlight this way.

Next, the sides need to be brushed; you'll need to clean from top to bottom with the help of a specially formulated cleaning agent. Finally, your pool needs to be vacuumed regularly. It makes good sense to purchase an automatic pool sweep to do this job. The time you save will more than make up for the expense; however, you may still need to hand-vacuum to reach steps and corners.

The correct balance of pool chemicals will keep the water cleaner. The chemicals slow the growth of the bacteria and algae which can make the pool unsafe and unsightly. Using high doses of chemicals, a technique called "swimming pool shock," is sometimes used to kill all residual organics. After you do this, a safe balance must be restored to the water.

Hire a Pool Cleaning Service

Many people choose to pay someone else to do their swimming pool cleaning. This makes a lot of sense for several reasons. People who operate a responsible pool cleaning service have seen all kinds of pool problems and have experience solving them. Professionals also have better equipment than what is generally available to pool owners.

Another option is to find a pool cleaning business that will do some of the heavier cleaning tasks, such as the chemical treatments, while leaving you to take care of the easier day-to-day maintenance. No matter which option you use, keeping your pool clean is essential for the safety of those who use it.

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