Pool Covers

The benefits of pool blankets

Anyone who owns a swimming pool needs to consider how and when it should be covered. Covering a pool when it's not in use is both safer and more energy-efficient. Several materials are used to make pool covers, but all quality covers are treated for UV resistance. Some designs are suitable for inground pool covers, while others are specifically designed to serve as above-ground pool covers.

Also, installations vary; completely manual, reel-assisted and automatic pool covers are all available. Semi-automatic covers have motorized reels, but some manual guidance will need to be given to the cover. Fully automatic covers run in a track installed beside the pool; they are most convenient, but they're also the most expensive.

Covering Pools for Energy Efficiency

Up to 70 percent of outdoor swimming pools' energy loss is due to evaporation. Thus, keeping a pool covered is a huge energy saver. Solar pool covers, which are also known as pool solar blankets, are the lightest choice. They look like bubble wrap, but are made of heavier, UV-resistant vinyl, and they trap heat inside the pool. Solid vinyl pool covers often contain an insulating layer which helps take the strain off pool heaters.

Keep Pools Clean by Covering Them

Trees near pools can present problems. While they provide ambience and wind protection, they drop leaves into the water. Covering pools during the offseason will keep them significantly cleaner. Solid covers will keep all debris out, but the weight of the surface water can be a problem and it may even need to be pumped off. Mesh pool covers allow precipitation to simply fall into the pool while filtering out all but the smallest debris particles.

Your Pool Is Safer When It's Covered

Of course, safety is a huge concern when it comes to swimming pools. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children. Solid covers can seem safe, but if a child slips under the edge of a cover to hide, the results can be disastrous. Specialty transparent mesh pool covers will prevent a child from remaining unseen if he or she slips into the water.

You need to spend considerable time researching the many swimming pool cover options. Whether you prefer pool blankets, mesh or solid covers for daily use, or a winter pool cover, understanding the specific conditions of your pool environment will help you make a wise purchase.

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