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When it's sweltering outside, youngsters love to cool off by frolicking in the water. But large pools can overwhelm small children and pose serious safety risks, so a lot of parents are leery about letting them splash around in adult-size pools. So for toddlers and preschoolers who haven't yet mastered the art of swimming, kids' pools are wonderful alternatives.

An Overview of Child Swimming Pools

Molded plastic kiddie pools are usually round in shape and come in a number of sizes to accommodate your needs. These plastic pools are lightweight, easy to transport and they're very inexpensive. Some of the smaller plastic kids' pools can cost as little as $10.00. However, those on the cheap end of the pricing scale tend to be a bit flimsy and may not withstand your kids' wrath for more than one summer.

Inflatable kiddie swimming pools are another option. These inflatable pools are cushioned with air, so they provide comfort to children while they're splashing those hot summer days away. An inflatable pool is ideal for placement on a hard surface like concrete. These kiddie pools are also visually appealing, as they come in a colorful mix of themed designs, shapes and sizes.

While inflatable swimming pools are costlier than molded ones, they're still affordable. Pool toys such as balls, floaties and inflatable pool slides can enhance kids' fun as they splash away their days in the warm summer sun.

Maintaining Kiddie Pools

Since pools for kids don't require chlorine or kiddie pool filters, they are relatively easy to maintain. Simply dump the water out after each use and replace it with fresh water when you use it again. If you're the environmentally conscious type and are concerned about waste, reuse the water from your child's wading pool to water the trees, grass and plants in your yard. After your kids use the pool a few times, gently scrub it with mild soap, and rinse it thoroughly to prevent dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

Important Safety Considerations for Kids

It only takes a small amount of water for children to drown. Be diligent about child pool safety by supervising kids at all times, staying within arm's reach of children under the age of five and draining the pool when it's not in being used. Also, if you plan to leave the kiddie pool outside for an extended period of time, turn it upside down to prevent rainwater from accumulating in it and posing a danger to kids.

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